DIFC-WPR: Protect your property or assets through Wills by hiring the expert

Dubai courts had the practice to apply the Sharia law to non-Muslims for any issues or matters to resolve related to their assets at the time of death to their relatives. But this was the case before Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) launch for Wills and Probate Registry. There are many companies who provide just wills in Dubai drafting services.

This is an administrative body which is liable to collaborate with the DIFC court only and resolve assets disputes as per orders from DIFC court related to ownership or guardianship. The DIFC Wills Probate Registry is also known as DIFC-WPR. DIFC is constantly trying to enhance the applications of its rules and regulations across the country, however, have limited rights. Only non-Muslim candidates can register under the DIFC-WPR and it can only handle disputes on assets situated under Dubai premises.

This is necessary that the disputes resolution comply according to DIFC-WPR laws as well as not contradict with UAE Laws and regulations. In this way, wills are a necessary item and facilitate to resolve the assets disputes. Therefore, this is necessary to hire someone experienced who have complete knowledge, and command of laws and regulations of a country and have a professional qualification in the same field. The experienced firm knows how to draft the wills as per rules and what would be the way to handle disputes if occurred after the death of the will creator.

There are charges involved when you register your will with WPR as for single will the cost is 10,000AED and this is done in front of registry officer with the help of witnesses. If both the spouse are executing the wills for minor 2 children then charges are 15,000AED for the same process. But for guardianship wills the charges are only 5,000AED for the same process to have single guardianship will and 7,500AED for two minor’s guardianship.

When you hire the professional services the cost of the professional draft is obviously higher than the one you made, so it should be error-free, explicit and most importantly comply with the country’s laws and regulations. This is always important to hire the firm to do the job for you as there is no space for errors in wills at the time when you need to own what is written in the will. To get the expert services while registering for DIFC wills in Dubai, click on the link.