Advantages of Using E.O.T. Cranes

The use of heavy machinery at large manufacturing units is not a new phenomenon. Some of the largest production units in the world use the heavy machinery to ensure rapid transportation of goods and products without having to risk the life of their employees and workers. Their quest to find the best crane, which works efficiently to be the ultimate solution, always keeps them on the lookout for better options. Most of these companies use forklifts, overhead cranes, small cranes, and Electronic Overhead Traveling cranes or bridge cranes to provide critical industrial solutions to these units.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the many advantages of using the Electronic Overhead Traveling Cranes.


  1. The EOT cranes are easy and simple to operate and handle. An EOT crane operator needs a brief training before he is able to fully operate the machine efficiently. It comes with a solid snare, which is a great tool to handle heavier weights in a safe and secure fashion. These cranes are a great way to save the workers from meeting any accidents like spilling of fluids and dropping of goods besides crashing the cranes or other machines into parts of the cargo or the premises.
  2. The EOT cranes are designed for sustainable performance. If maintained properly, these machines stay your partner for a long period of time. These beasts are made of pure steel which means they are absolutely strong to lift huge weight.
  3. The EOT cranes are cost-effective as they are quite reasonable to maintain. Apart from its initial cost, these machines are made of pure steel and thus don’t need a fortune to keep them in a working condition. Moreover, the EOT cranes utilize electrical power, therefore they are more pocket-friendly as compared to traditional cranes which use motor diesel, which is a far more expensive option.

The EOT cranes come really handy with the floor coverage as these machines are run on rails which allow them to work over the length of the building to cover all the possible corners of a structure. They can move along with the width of the building to make the job easier for builders. It totally depends on the constructors about the short or long rail size of the contingent during the construction process. It is an important decision because the length of the rail will decide the reach of the EOT crane.