Are Protein Supplement helpful?

Having a beautiful and muscular body has become a global sensation over the years and individuals try all the options that are available under the sun to ensure a strong and attractive body and muscles. The increase attention to having optimum fitness levels has also given rise to many food supplements and other products, including protein powders. You may order protein supplements in Dubai now on the provided link. The fitness conscious people mostly have all the related information about how protein powders are useful in shedding weight and having an attractive body. However, there are many others who are still not alive to the core benefits of protein powders.


Let’s take a look at some of the leading advantages of using protein powders to have a great body.


  1. The protein powders have been helping obese people getting rid of their extra pounds and excessive fats from their body. Studies and researches have proved over the years that the people who use protein powders have a lean muscle than the ones who don’t use it.
  2. The use of whey proteins has been regarded by many medical associations and organizations as a source of treating cancers.
  3. The use of protein powders helps in lowering cholesterol levels in a human body. According to the British Journal of Nutrition, the protein powders have helped many people in tremendously decreasing their total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels.
  4. Protein powders are also a great help to the patients of asthma. Especially, it has shown miraculous results to the immune response in kids with asthma.
  5. The blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are constantly on the rise worldwide and many people lose their lives every year to these medical ailments. Whey proteins are a great source of reducing blood pressure, especially in patients with hypertension, which helps them to stay away from the risks of heart disease or stroke.


Types of Protein

There are many types of proteins, some of which are mentioned below.


  1. Whey Proteins are the most commonly used form, which get mixed in a human body quite easily and quickly and many fitness experts suggest its use after the workout at the gym.
  2. Casein Proteins are full of glutamine (an amino acid) which helps in speeding up the recovery process. Since it is the slowest to digest, taking it before going to bed ensures delivery of essential nutrients to the human body all night long.
  3. Soy Proteins are a great source of amino acids and is quite popular with vegetarians.
  4. Egg Proteins with a medium digestion speed is a great source of provision of right energy to the body.
  5. Pea Proteins are great for vegetarians or the ones who are trying to quit use of animal food.
  6. Hemp Proteins are also quite popular with the vegetarians and work wonderfully well for the people who suffer from dairy allergies.


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