5 Hacks On Finding The Perfect Fragrance For You

Having a signature scent is like having a brand on your own. Whenever people smell your scent, they would instantly know that it was yours. Which is why it is important that you get the right scent that would represent who you are.

If you having a difficult time choosing a fragrance that would showcase your personality and traits, this simple hacks from perfume shops in Dubai can help you:

  • Know what is your favorite seasons

A lot of perfumers say that one’s fragrance preference reminds them of one happy memory and seasons are known to evoke strong and happy memories. For instance, a happy and unforgettable summer can be associated with the smell of the beach and other summer-related scents. If seasons scents make you elated and happy, it might be good to reconsider them as your signature fragrance.

  • Do some self-introspect

Apart from happy memory, you might also need to take into account your personal traits when checking out for your signature fragrance. List down things that you are known for and the qualities that make you stand out. Try to list as many as you can. Then when you are done, try to narrow it down to three. There are scents and fragrances available in the market today that are associated to one’s personality.  You might find something that would represent your best qualities. For instance, for those people who feels like they are royalty, then the Dehn al oudh scent collection might be the one for you.

  • Do not follow the trend

It is okay to change scents from time to time if you find a new fragrance that resonates your mood and qualities. But do not make it a habit to change them just to follow the trend. Expert perfumers advise people to stick with their personal scents. The purpose of having a signature fragrance is to make the scent your own and for people to recognize that it is your scent.

  • Consider having a number of scents

Perfumers advise people to have at least three kinds of perfume on their collection. Having options would help you to wear the best scent depending on the occasion and the season. Think of perfumes as accessories that you can wear to events. You need to wear the right scent that is appropriate to the event. Go for something that is formal, casual, and everyday use.