Hacks On Customizing Your Calendars For Promotion

Company calendars are one of the least used marketing collaterals. Unlike flyers and brochures that can be distributed over and over again, company calendars can only be distributed to a number of people, mostly company employees.

But you can utilize this marketing collateral to your advantage, especially when promoting your company, products, and services, and spreading your brand around. Here’s how:

  • Plan the distribution


As mentioned, this collateral is commonly distributed to employees within the organization. That is not a bad idea. But it would be best to include other stakeholders that could help in brand awareness like your outsourced service providers and suppliers, loyal customers, and prospective clients. Giving company calendars to these individuals would help spread the word about your brand and improve your chances of brand retention.


You can either send this collateral alone or include another set of marketing collaterals added promotion.


  • Create a branded and stunning template


Design is very important in captivating your audience, especially in marketing collaterals like the company calendar. So do not settle on generic calendar designs that look like any calendar out there. Be sure to have your graphic artist create a template that would speak of your brand visually. Try to be creative with the design but do not lose the brand essence. The rule of thumb in any calendar and booklet printing in Dubai is for the audience to quickly identify that it is your brand upon first glance.

  • Do not forget about the details


Some companies use calendars to inform their audience, not just about the brand, but their products and services as well. You might as well take advantage of that and ensure that product and service details are stated on each month. But do not overdo it. Try to have it done tastefully and with minimal and straightforward copy.


  • Make it functional


To make company calendars more interesting, designers can include functional areas that people can use, like an area or section for a To-do list, Reminders or Fun Holidays. You can also take advantage of these features and provide important dates related to your company such as sales and promo dates.


  • Use high-quality paper


The design and theme would be useless unless you use high-quality paper for your company calendar. When scouting for a printing company that offers a calendar printing at Dubai, try to check what kind of material, paper, and ink they are using. Do not use cheap, low-quality paper. It would only ruin the design and make your company calendar look substandard.