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There are a lot of office supplies UAE which are used in the offices. These offices will get their supplies from different suppliers of the country. Each office will try to get the supplies from the supplier who will provide the supplies on the lowest possible rates. If the supplier is giving a bid which is higher than the amount affordable for the business owner then he will not approve the bid and will search for another bid which comes under the budget of the owner. There are some offices which use to buy spray paint in Dubai to paint their walls. Usually these paints are bought by the business that are related to the art and craft supplies to show the clients about their creativity. 

Most of the times these paints are used by the art institute where students need them to show their talent. There are several kinds of paints available. Some of them are temporary and used to have fun during the parties and some of them are permanent and used to paint on walls. When there is a party in an institute or any private party at home then youngsters will try to add more colors to their party, for this purpose they will use these temporary colored spray paints to paint the clothes and faces of their friends and cousins. These paints are easily washable so they do not need to be worry about the scolding of their mothers. They can be easily washed and cleans off form the walls too.

When it comes to the permanent colored spray paints then they are mostly used to doodle on the walls. Some institutes will dedicate some of their college walls for the students to wall them every year. These are dedicated to the students who have their last year in the college so that the next batch will see their creativity and remember them with good words. It is not necessary for all the students to take part in this activity. Only few of them who have interest in art and want to add their activity on the walls will be invited to do the doodle on the walls. For this purpose few walls of a certain building area will be used and painted in different beautiful patterns.