Body Issues That Can Affect Your Teen’s Confidence

Body image is a powerful issue that has been affecting millions of teens around the globe. With all the changes that are happening to their bodies, their mental faculties and emotional state can be affected as well.

During this phase, parents should guide their kids and help them in any way they can. And they can start with identifying these body issues that are troubling their teenage children:

  1. Acne


One of the most prevalent body issues that most teenagers are dealing with today is acne. During the puberty phase, the hormones in the body are working overdrive, specifically the androgen. This can cause overproduction of oil and makes the pores of the skin larger, making it susceptible to dirt and pollutants. There are some teenagers who are fortunate not to deal with such situation. But for some, the acne situation can shake their confidence. Teaching your kids about proper hygiene can help lessen puberty acne. You may also need to deal with scarring in later years. If this happens, consult with a dermatologist that specializes in acne scars treatment in Dubai.


  1. Teeth misalignments


Teeth misalignments are cute when you are a kid, but when you reached puberty, it can be a subject of scrutiny of others, especially with teenagers his/her own age. If your teenage kid is having problems with his/her teeth, be sure to see a dentist to fix whatever dental problems they may have. If your kids need aligners, ask your dental professional about the cheapest braces in Dubai that he/she can offer to fix your kid’s teeth misalignment.


  1. Obesity


Issues about body weight have been one of most prevalent issues affecting teenagers today. Due to the influence of social media and marketing, teenagers today aspire to have the perfect body they see in commercials and magazines. If your teenage kid is having an issue with her weight and body image, talk to him/her and know his/her thoughts about his/body. You also need to make them understand that embracing the body they are in will be the key to resolving body image. If they feel that they need to lose weight, introduce them to a healthy lifestyle – from exercising to eating the right kind of food.


  1. Poor eyesight


Glasses may look smart and cute for some, but there are teenagers who find wearing this an issue since they are being teased and scrutinized. If wearing glasses are making them uncomfortable, you can offer some alternatives like contact lenses.