Reasons why people don’t find therapy helpful

Researcher says that physiotherapy is most effective for anxiety disorder, diabetes, cardiac, injuries, pain, and surgeries and for stroke. But some people don’t believe in it. They think that therapy is not helpful for many health problems.  Especially they face difficulty in swallowing dysphasia treatment, and in paralyze attacks. There are more reasons that people don’t find it helpful. Let’s know about these reasons:

Unhealthy underlying factor:

Some patient face mental health issues due to unhealthy underlying factors such as actions, thoughts, beliefs, situations and other circumstances that affect and motivate their unhealthy behavior. These factors change the perception of these patients about physiotherapy. There are more examples that become the reason of unhealthy underlying factors like impatience, criticalness, aggression, black and white thinking, unrealistic expectation, perfectionism; unhealthy boundaries etc. that is you may think that therapy is not much helpful.

Fear about therapy:

Another reason of unhealthy underling factors that can be reason of fears about therapy. For example rejections from someone, judgmental fear, think about responsibilities that you have, getting better or not getting better, intimacy and success etc. because of these reasons you may thing that physiotherapy would not work properly.  If you will not discuss about your fears you will not be able to get targeted results. You will have to face struggle all the time.

It needs to be diagnosed exact condition:

Sometime it happens that patients are not able to explain his problems such as patient of anxiety disorder and that is why therapist could not understand well. Especially that patient who gets physiotherapy at home faces this kind of difficulty. Anxiety disorder patient’s behavior is not normal so therapist should have extra skills to deal with these patients. When exact issue will diagnose then therapist would be able to handle this situation in better way.

Inexperienced therapist:

It is hard very hard to find best therapist always. it may be happen sometime that therapist are not well experienced or skilled. Well education does matter, and it is very important for therapist to get proper education about therapy. He/she should be able to make good relation with patient so that he can get good result. He should have basic skills of therapy. Interpersonal skills can play vital role in this profession. Getting therapy from inexperienced therapist can compel to make you think that therapy is not helpful.