Tips to avoid back and spine pain

Back pain is a very common disease in today’s world. Many continue to suffer from this painful problem regardless of age and gender. There are many reasons which can cause you this problem. To avoid this problem you should have a complete knowledge of reasons of this disease plus you should know what things to avoid to keep your spine and back in a healthy form. The common reasons which cause this disease are:

  • Driving
  • Sitting or lying in wrong shape
  • Working on computer all day without rest
  • Body fat

How to avoid this problem?

If your problem has increased to a dangerous level then it is recommended to get help of a specialist from any spine hospital in Dubai. In case, you are just starting to feel back pain, you can follow some precautions in order to avoid from getting into bigger mess. We are discussing some ways below which will help you in avoiding back problems:

1: Loose extra body fat: Load on your spine increases when you start gaining weight. As result, you start difficulty in walking or running. To get rid of this problem, avoid getting fat to a dangerous level.

2: Drink water: Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. Spinal discs have up to 90 percent water, to keep them healthy your water intake level must be 8 glasses per day.

3: Exercise: Exercise is a must to have a healthy life. Most of patients who complain about back pain are those who sit in chair all day long working and do not move much. Everyone should take break while using computer and give rest to your body by taking a walk or lie down for a little bit. Workout can be of tremendous help in saving yourself from spine trouble. Consult your fitness trainer about any good exercise or activity to stay healthy.

4: Quit smoking: Smoking has countless bad effects on your health. Not only for your lungs, it is dangerous for so many other organs of your body. It damages blood supply which results in decreasing the flow of nutrients to spinal disc and tissues covering spinal cord. It is main reason why smokers feel tired all the time.

5: Do not wait to seek treatment: When you start having this problem continuously, do not wait and get to any doctor at once. You will find many reputed back pain clinics in Dubai where they treat this problem in a very effective way through therapies or medicines. If you keep on ignoring it you might have to go for back surgery in extreme cases.