Guidelines to start Kindergarten, Pre-school

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Early child education and development is very important and plays a significant role in building character and personality of a child. Pre-school and nurseries influence child life in a very positive manner and he/she can learn many basic habits and attributes during pre-schooling activities. It is also a very popular business among educated and prosperous people who understand this field requirement and facilitate people according to the educational standards.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where people come from other foreign countries in search of a good job opportunity, start or expand their business, or just spend their vacations. The average population of Dubai is nearly 3 million and children are one-third of its total population. To facilitate them, nearly 25-30 pre-schools and nurseries are providing their services. People who are interested to open nursery or kindergarten schools in Dubai need to follow the following guideline to achieve their goal.

Find an appropriate location: To start a nursery school, an appropriate and safe place is needed which is easily approachable to residential people. The location should have all the basic facilities a nursery needs as per the state license providing authority and Social Development Department may classify.

Operating Team Member: Starting a business is not a one-man show. It needs detailed analysis about catering to population, competing against the peers, developing fee structures, adhering to the rules and regulations by local bodies, meeting the license eligibility criteria, and an efficient use of resource allocation. Well-organized and responsible team members are needed to start any progressive business else the scope of business development might be at risk.

Finance Generation and allocation: Finance can be totally or partially raised by the owner of the business. The details of ownership, or partnership should be documented legally to provide satisfactory evidence to local government.

State Law and Regulation: The UAE’s regional agencies are responsible for child’s health and education. The department of social development and local council impose conditions and restriction to analyze particulars about owner, business plan, curricular and key management role model and fee structuring etc.

Obtaining License: State license application form require some details about the locations, approved building plan, tax clearance certificate, contingency plan for safety, staff room and sick area, indoor and outdoor play area, kitchen facility, bathrooms, health register maintenance, etc.

Safety and Insurance:  A lawyer and insurance provider give detailed guidelines about nursery safety measures and insurance policies as per the license eligibility criteria.

Purchasing necessary furniture and equipment: After finalizing all regulatory requirements, building is organized with all the necessary furniture and equipment.

Hiring Qualified Staff: After obtaining license and finalizing building exterior and interior, staff hiring should be announced with proper advertisement in the local newspapers. The qualification criteria of teachers and educators, accounts and finance department, and other staff members does matter. The qualification of your teaching staff set a benchmark of your school’s educational standard.

Marketing and Advertising: Proper marketing and advertising is needed to announce new kindergarten opening. No business can flourish without appropriate promotional activities in Dubai or any other city in the world. Broachers, flyers, pamphlets, TV and news advertisements are different ways to introduce your nursery to the local and the targeted population.

Enrollment of Students: Preschools in Dubai have a very competitive and standardized environment. Therefore, after proper advertisement, enrolling new students and attracting parents, a fee structure and suitable admission dates matter a lot.