Migration facts everyone should know

There is a huge number of immigrants living outside their home country and everyone has a reason to do so. Some are fleeing from conflicts and wrongful persecution while others are finding it hard to survive the poverty that tags along with the lack of opportunities. When given a chance for immigration to USA from Dubai with help of eb5 Dubai is something that everyone wishes for. So here are a few facts about the migration to know and be aware of:

  • Rate of migration keeps increasing

It isn’t only the conflict and climate change which seems to be increasing the most, instead it is the rate of migration which is also increasing and is set to increase even more in the upcoming years. There are several reasons for that everyone should encourage them and make them feel like the part of the community.

  • Migrants are helping their families back home

As you must have been able to guess, one of the biggest reasons of people migrating is to earn and find a source of income. This seems to be a successful cause as the immigrants residing and working out of their birth country were able to send and support families back home with minimum 15% of their total earnings. 

  • At least half of the migrants are women

This may come as a huge shock to anyone considering the statistics of strict women employment policies and the sexual harassment and abuse that they have to go through yet they make for the greater part of it. According to research, women have been more successful in sending a great sum of earnings back home than men.

  • Migrants turning to be a valuable source

This is something which you may or may not be aware of, so let us enlighten you. The Huffington Post which you read or the Google which you use are just two of them many other great and successful ventures which were funded by immigrants. This clearly shows how immigration can be an extremely valuable source of income for a country.

Immigration can be a pretty hard process to get through and there could be several confusing things about it that you may want the answers to but just know that if you keep working for it, you’ll achieve it.