Fun facts about teeth

We know life isn’t that fun especially not when it comes to teeth. Dealing with gross bacteria and taking care of them is probably one of the most daunting yet important one of our daily routine. So here are a few fun facts to cheer you up and get you motivated for a fun bedtime routine and morning one as well:

  • You are spending almost a month of your life brushing your teeth. Count bed time brushing minutes and morning ones as well and you will be shocked to realize that it’s in fact true. All for the good cause right? You won’t need the best dental implants in Dubai if you spend a little more of it.
  • If you are drinking soda and pop drinks more than recommended, then there is 60% more chance of you needing dental veneers Dubai than others as your teeth will decay quicker, cavities will build up faster, and you will require more tooth fillings than any other person. Instead try fresh water sometimes, not only well for hydration but also teeth.
  • Tooth enamel is the strongest substance on your body but it is not made for popping bottle caps open. Please avoid such strenuous tasks as much as possible because you have been gifted with teeth to eat and not to crack shells of a walnut.
  • Is your toothpaste red? If yes then you are counted in the minority of those people who use red toothpaste often than the majority. Majority uses blue toothpaste – if you were wondering.
  • Women are happier than men because they have seen smiling 10 times as much as men smile in a day – or they just like smiling without any reason, either way it’s a good habit to show off your pearly whites.
  • How many minutes do you brush in a day? The word minute probably shocked you because majority brushes 40-70 seconds while the recommended time is 2-3 minutes. Start brushing longer from now because it’s never too late.
  • Do you know that teeth are such a huge blessing because the largest mammal on earth – blue whale – can only eat shrimp because they don’t have teeth for bigger food, yet it manages to stay alive? How cool is that?