Buying an engagement ring? Here’s a checklist for all you guys out there!

Congratulations on having decided to propose to the love of your life, but rest-assured, here’s where a really tough time is about to start. Considering that you have decided to get a ring all by yourself, be prepared to embark on a rather intimidating journey that is packed with options – chances that are totally going to leave you overwhelmed!

Now, like most men, there is a good chance that you know NOTHING about diamond rings. For you, they are mere stones set up on a band that is sure to cost a lot. However, when you get started with your endeavours, you will learn that there are a million and a half options out there, and countless elements that need to be paid attention to.  For this reason, we’ve put together a basic checklist to help you make the best purchase when buying an engagement ring:

Are you prepared?

Yes, you have got to be prepared to set out on such a tough journey. Believe it or not, but most girls really do sit around at brunch and share their fantasies of the perfect engagement ring. The best means of getting started is to get in touch with a few tight-lipped friends of your girlfriend, and ask them about her interest in cut and style. Also, get to know her size. For this, just borrow a ring from her stash and take it to the jewellers. If you think she will notice, just trace the inside of her ring using a pencil and paper.

Learn about the four Cs

Although you know your girlfriend’s taste in jewellery and her friends have given you all the more details about her favourite cuts and what not, you really have no idea what the classic engagement ring available at Dubai jewellery online stores is like. This deems it necessary for you to learn about diamonds – particularly the four Cs. Here’s what they are all about:

Clarity – This is actually the imperfections or the ‘inclusions’ found in the stone. It can range from minor mineral deposits to substantial fractures in the rock. The clarity scale ranges between F for flawless, to I3 for the highest amount of inclusions. However, there are SI1 and SI2 as well that have slight inclusions, but tend to sparkle a lot.

Color – This in no way represents whether it’s a black or a pink diamond. Rather, it is the color of a white diamond and ranges from being colorless to yellow. The clearest diamonds are those that are scored D, E, or F.

Cut – Find out what diamond cut your girlfriend is interested in – these include round, princess, marquise, emerald, pear, radiant, asscher, cushion and heart etc. Remember, princess cut diamonds are the perfect choice for engagement rings.

Carat – This is obviously the weight of the diamond, and that for engagement rings is typically a slight bit over one carat. However, it depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Stop blowing the bank

Never spend way too much over your ring, and make sure that you stick to the budget you had planned out initially. Do not spend over the budget that you work out for online fashion shopping in UAE– no matter what the salesperson says, you must not fall for the ‘a good engagement ring equals 2 months’ salary’ gimmick.