When to See a Marriage Counselor

Marriage a beautiful and blessed bond, this is the kind of knot that is supposed to last till the last breath. But sadly, there are many times when the marriage ends before time and many people who get over it and remarry but there are different people who don’t want their marriage to end because of love. There are times when a third person has to intervene and make things right. There is no such couple that don’t fight but if this fight goes to the next level, then sometimes there is no room for listening or understanding and that is before such tragic things happen then it is best that one should see a marriage counselor. This is the kind of person that acts a third person which wrote above. You can hire a therapist for couple counselling in Dubai.

The first sign is that when you are not talking to each other at all. The married couples are said to be talking at all times even if it is about the smallest matters. But if one of you or both of your stopped talking to each other, then this is the time to see a counselor because may be sooner or later, one of you will want to step away and that can be difficult for one or both. To save yourself from this situation, it is best that you see a counselor, may be the other partner may not want to see the counselor, but you have to make sure that one way or the other, you pay the visit. You can also go to a therapist that happens to deal with mental health in Dubai.

Couples fight that is normal but saying bad things to each other can go a little too far. And if you are continuously fighting and say bad things or you can say negative things to each other, then this is the time to see a marriage counselor. Because saying negative things to your partner can make them feel degraded, shamed and sometimes people hurt themselves. Also, if you are afraid to talk to your partner because you think that talking to them will make them leave you. Then it is best that you had this talk in front of the marriage counselor.